About StarUML 

* StarUML is formerly known as "Plastic" or "Agora Plastic".

1996 The first version (v0.9) of Plastic was born.
It was very simple tool that is used to draw software modules and their dependencies.
1997 Plastic 1.0 released.
Freeware, OMT supported, Grand prize of software contest held by Hyundai.
1998 Plastic 1.1 released.
UML class diagram supported

Foundation of Plastic Software, Inc.
Plastic 2.0 released.
UML supported, Java code generation and reverse engineering

2001 Plastic 3.0 released.
UML 1.3 fully supported
2003 Plastic 2003 released.
Completely redesigned and rewritten, UML 1.4 fully supported, open architecture.
2005 Agora Plastic 2005 released.
Internationalized, many features are implemented on extensible platform.
'Good Software' Certified from The Ministry of Information and Communications of Korea.
2005 StarUML 5.0 renamed and released.
turned to open source project, UML 2.0 supported, and notation extension technology was implemented.