Before installing StarUML...

1. You must check whether any of the following previous versions of Plastic Software products are installed on the system.

  • PLASTIC 2.0
  • PLASTIC 3.0
  • PLASTIC 3.0+
  • PLASTIC 2003 Personal
  • PLASTIC 2003 Standard
  • PLASTIC 2005 Trial
  • PLASTIC 2005 Personal
  • PLASTIC 2005 Standard
  • Plastic 2005 Alphi or Beta

2. These programs must be uninstalled before installing StarUML(TM). If you are also using StarUML(TM) 5.0 Beta1, please uninstall it.

3. If you are using early version of Plastic and have some trouble on starting StarUML, run below each command-line to uninstall prior extension modules in the early version of Plastic after installing StarUML.

{installed directory}\StarUML\modules\staruml-cpp\unreg.bat

{installed directory}\StarUML\modules\staruml-csharp\unreg.bat

{installed directory}\StarUML\modules\staruml-generator\unreg.bat

{installed directory}\StarUML\modules\staruml-java\unreg.bat

{installed directory}\StarUML\modules\staruml-pattern\unreg.bat

{installed directory}\StarUML\modules\staruml-rose\unreg.bat

{installed directory}\StarUML\modules\staruml-xmi\unreg.bat

4. Launch StarUML again.