About StarUML

StarUML and core modules are under the terms of GPL (GNU Public License) with the following two exceptions.

  1. Allow to link several specific commercial libraries and components. (This exception is inevitable decision to turn StarUML, previously a commercial product, as an open source software. However, these libraries and components are relatively popular and not expensive. In the long term, we are quite willing to replace it with open source things.)
  2. Allow to link proprietary plug-in modules. (This exception is for people they want to sell commercial plug-in module running on StarUML platform. This will lead enlargement of developers and users community and production of higher-valued technologies and products related to UML and MDA.)

Despite these exceptions, if you don't want to follow GPL or want to link your proprietary softwares without source code open then contact us (staruml@gmail.com) directly about dual licensing policy.

Code generated by StarUML is not subject to this license. So, you can use code generated by StarUML to make commercial or non-GPL software.

If you have questions about GPL, read GPL FAQ.